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We have a school uniform to help promote a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Our school colours are black, white and red. We require all children, while at school, to wear school uniform or school colours. Although we have no school policy for coats, we do not permit hooded sweatshirts or baseball caps to be worn indoors, nor are bandanas acceptable.


Sensible shoes must be worn and, for safety reasons, no backless shoes are permitted.


Uniform and book bags can be purchased online at:


It is important that all clothes are clearly marked with your child’s name.


Girls: Black skirt or trousers, pinafore dress or red and white summer dress 


Boys: Black or grey trousers
or shorts


Boys and girls: White shirt or polo shirt.
School sweatshirt or plain red sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper.




PE kit

Physical Education (PE) is a compulsory part of the curriculum and it is important that children are dressed correctly. Indoor and outdoor lessons are also planned throughout the year. A PE kit must contain:

  • shorts 

  • T-shirt
  • plimsolls or trainers 

  • tracksuit or top and leggings for outdoor work 

  • swimming costume and cap for children in Year 5 


Jewellery is not permitted. Children will be required to remove studs or tape over them during PE. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of items of jewellery or watches. Religious jewellery that does not pose any health and safety concerns can be worn once it has been discussed with the class teacher. 


Buy uniform now:




Information from

the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust:



Our trade charity offers school uniform grants for children aged 18 and under, whose parents are financially struggling and who have worked at some point for a fashion or textile business. Our criteria is much broader than it sounds and includes employers such as supermarkets, laundrettes, dry cleaners  and some delivery drivers. We are encouraging parents to apply now for September school uniforms and computer equipment for school age children, if they don't have access to one at home. Read on for more details. 


About our grants

Our grants can help families who are struggling to afford the cost of school uniform and study essentials for their children (aged 18 years and under) from early years to secondary, sixth form and vocational college too.  


Who can apply:
To apply for an FTCT grant, the child's parent or carer must have recently worked for a UK fashion or textile company.

This includes parents or caregivers who have worked for:

  • Supermarkets which sell clothing (ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, etc)

  • Clothing companies (Matalan, NEXT, M&S, TK Maxx)

  • Homeware and soft furnishing companies (IKEA, Dunelm Mill, DFS, etc.)

  • Laundry companies and high street laundrettes

  • Delivery companies and distribution centres for clothing and textile brands (e.g. Hermes drivers, etc.)

  • Garment manufacturers and wholesalers for both fashion and fabrics.

  • Haberdashery shops, fabrics shops or sellers.

And many more.


To apply, the parent must have worked for the company for at least ONE YEAR within the last NINE YEARS.

The work must have been paid and they must be able to show  proof of this employment.

Visit our website to find out more about our criteria.

What we fund

  • School Uniform (including nurseries which require uniform)

  • PE Kit

  • Footwear

  • Sixth Form Clothing (e.g. general clothing and/or if formal attire is required)

  • College Clothing (e.g. specialist clothing for vocational courses

  • General clothing for all children aged 0-18 years

  • Study Essentials (e.g. schoolbag, stationery, books, etc)

  • Course equipment (e.g.  to support vocational courses)


Funding for laptops and tablets
We can fund computers for school age children, who don't have access to one at home.

Laptops for secondary school age children and tablets for primary school age children.


Special Education Needs
We can fund a wide range of equipment and therapy for children with SEN educational needs. From adapted iPads to learning aids and therapy sessions, we can tailor support to suit a child's needs. 

Find out more about SEN grants on our website.


How to apply
Parents or caregivers who meet our trade criteria and would like to apply for a grant must complete our enquiry form on our website