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At Seven Sisters Primary School, English is at the core of our learning and essential to the entire wider curriculum. We teach our children to understand concepts, develop inquisition and become independent learners through English. Through high quality English teaching, children will speak, read and write fluently. Our learning is based on a cross curricular approach so children can deepen their understanding and link their learning across all subjects.

Our passion is reading and this is the key element we embed in our children.




For reading and writing we follow the National Curriculum through the use of high quality texts.



Each year group has a ‘core text’ which is linked to their wider curriculum. Texts are changed half termly. At the beginning of the term, children explore the text and begin to have discussions with their teachers and peers; we also encourage parents to discuss these texts with their children. Using the core text and the ‘topic’ they are studying, children produce various texts e.g. non-chronological reports, newspaper articles, poetry, etc. Linking English to the wider curriculum, we believe, gives our children a broad base of knowledge, information, vocabulary, experience and context to base their writing on.



In Early Years and early Key Stage 1, a huge emphasis is given to decoding and word reading. We use the Letters & Sounds phonics scheme.  From Year 2, children are expected to read fluently (with fluency increasing with age) and be able to understand and respond to questions from the text they have read. All classes have a half hour time slot where reading is taught and specific reading skills are addressed. These reading skills are not limited to word reading and decoding but also skills such as summarising and inferencing.


We love reading! We believe reading is the key to success in all areas of learning, and we encourage and celebrate children who read for pleasure. We strive for all our children to share a passion for reading and not merely relate reading to a subject in the classroom.


All year groups have designated time to read for pleasure. Our school is equipped with reading nooks for children to access throughout the day. We also have an after school reading club, dedicated to reading for pleasure.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) is planned for, clearly linking it to specific genres being taught each term. As children revisit these text genres, their understanding and ability to use these GPS rules becomes embedded. Children are taught general spelling rules in Early Years and KS1, using phonics. Later, specific spelling rules are taught within each year group (please see year group spelling list).



We aim for our children to develop a neat, legible, cursive style of handwriting. Good sitting position, letter formation and pencil grip is a key area of focus in Early Years. Once children are writing letters and numbers of the same size and consistency, we move onto using cursive/joined handwriting. This can start by the end of Year 1. From Year 2 to Year 6, all children are expected to write neatly using cursive handwriting.


Support your child in English by using the resources below which include spelling lists and suggested books to read.



Below are spelling lists for children to learn.  You can also download copies.