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What is STEM?

STEM is made up of the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.




Why is STEM so important?

STEM is vital for the future job prospects of our pupils here at Seven Sisters. 30% of all job growth in the last 3 years has been in Technology with a further million new recruits needed by 2023. There are more than 700 life sciences companies in London with more than 22,000 employees. The Tottenham Regeneration project predicted that there will be 5000 new STEM jobs created in the area by 2025. (source: Haringey Education Partnership)


STEM at Seven Sisters Primary School

We have put in place a STEM curriculum that inspires our children and will hopefully lead to as many of our pupils as possible choosing to study STEM subjects in the future and choose STEM as a career.  


All year groups study Science, Maths, Computing and Design & Technology as part of the National Curriculum. Added to this, we run a STEM week each year. Children also complete STEM projects throughout the year both within the curriculum and also as extra-curricular activities. We also invite STEM ambassadors – people who work in STEM – to come to the school and share with the children their experiences of the world of work.


If you have an interest in STEM, please speak to your child’s teacher to find out what you can do to further your child’s education.