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Pupil Leadership Team

What does the Pupil Leadership Team do?


The Pupil Leadership Team takes part in lots of activities including:

• Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils;

• Representing these concerns to Mrs Murray, and other adults;

• Coming up with ideas to help Mrs Murray improve the school and make big decisions;

• Thinking of ways to contribute to our school and local community;

• Representing Seven Sisters School as a role models.


Being on the Pupil Leadership Team is a very responsible position as you have to listen to your friends, share your class ideas as a representative and sometimes have to do things in your lunch times. However, it is a chance to play an important part in our community.


The Pupil Leadership Team make vital contributions to our school.


The Pupil Leadership Team is run by Ms Murray. The views and opinions of everybody in our school are listened to and valued.


For example, the Pupil Leadership Team were responsible for getting across the message that the girls toilets needed updating. They were responsible for interviewing new members of staff as well as welcoming important visitors to the school. They ensured that teachers and staff were rewarded for their hard work and made sure the school disco’s and summer fairs ran smoothly.


It takes courage and hard work to be on the Pupil Leadership Team.