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Meet the Staff

Each member of staff acts like a cog in the wheel that turns our school and keeps thing moving along smoothly. We value each member of staff and their contributions to the school and would like to introduce you to our fantastic team.




Emma Murray

Head Teacher

David Joyce Deputy Head Teacher

Tara Welch

Assistant Head Teacher

Dorothy Pegg

Assistant Head Teacher Early Years

Jane Griffin

School Business Manager



Sean McKone


Billy Spall


Nancy Adams

Interim Assistant Head Teacher, Yr 6 Interventions

Maureen Donnelly


Frankie Tickner 5T

Joe Eames


Roy Noakes


Theresa Ikupolati

Interim Assistant Head Teacher, Leading Practitioner

Jasmine Lartey 3L

Claudia Rutigliano


Chloe Rollingson


Thahmina Begum Interim Assistant Head Teacher, 1B

Filomena Petracca


Irene Diez RD
Andrea Kattirtzi RK

Louise Cobb

Early Years Lead, NC

Lauren Spall NC

Sam Kieser


Sophie Stockman

KS1 Interventions

Sandra Morcillo

Spanish Teacher

Reion Raybe

Yr 3 – PE Instructor



Billie Winrow Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner

Clare Kasapi

Early Years Extended Services Lead

Donna Coker

Child and Family Mentor

Kate Bowman

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Phillippe Lewis Health Mentor



Danielle Henry

Office Manager

Sarah Cole

Senior Administration Officer

Lorna Douglas

Administration Officer



Dwaine Ross

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Sohail

Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Kiymet Tercanli

Nursery Nurse

Yvonne Bowes

Nursery Nurse

Maria Shaw

Nursery Nurse

Natalia Esteve Nursery Nurse
Denise Bacchus Nursery Nurse
Suta Grisha Nursery Nurse
Turkan Arslan  Nursery Nurse
Brunilda Kapllani Nursery Nurse



Charlene Matthews

Teaching Assistant

Rute Gavino

Teaching Assistant

Dean Quarrie

Teaching Assistant

Alkan Oktay

Teaching Assistant

Christine Thomas

Teaching Assistant

Patrizia Napoli

Teaching Assistant

Kadian Bassaragh  Teaching Assistant
Courtney Robinson Teaching Assistant
Chrystele Busafu-Kioni Teaching Assistant
Etlyn Thomas Teaching Assistant



Angela Mills

School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Beverly Parke

School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Doreen Dixon

School Meals Supervisory Assistant and Breakfast Club Supervisor

Dorothy Henry

School Meals Supervisory Assistant and Cleaner



Delroy Lee

Facilities Manager

Blair Kohter

Assistant Facilities Manager

George Agyemang

Cleaning supervisor

Joe Amadi