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In light of the school closing until further notice due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19),

staff have prepared resources in line with the National Curriculum for your child to complete at home.

You can either download the digital copy below or collect hardcopy versions from the school office.


Check out these pages for more fun learning activities and resources:

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Welcome to 4D and 4E



These are more suggestions that Year 4 children can work on while the school is closed. This is a good opportunity for children to be creative and practice working independently!


You can also use the following websites to support their learning:

English revision websites

BBC Bitesize




Oxford Owl

Maths revision websites

BBC Bitesize



Oxford Owl


Science activities:

Draw a picture of an object in your house that runs on electricity.

Draw a picture of an oject that uses batteries.

Draw a picture of an object that is mains operated.

Draw a picture of an object that uses both sources of power.


Art activities:


Draw a fantasy landscape. Fantasy means made up!

What does the sky look like? Is there a sun or a moon? Maybe there are more than one? What colours are they?

What the land look like? Is it a city or the countryside? Are the hills or is it flat?

What is in the foreground? Are there people or animals? Maybe there are plants?

Could you create a daytime version and a night time version?


Exercises to do at home:


Look at this website to give you ideas about some ways to stay fit and healthy at home


Games to play:


Blow football: Use a piece of rolled up tin foil to make a ball. Use a straw to blow it across a table and score goals.

Plank competition: Who can hold a press up position for the longest?

Jumping jack competition: Who can do the most jumping jacks without stopping?


Handwriting acitivites:


Practise copying these poems in your best handwriting




Arithmetic activities