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This term in English we are focusing on the book, Storm, written by Kevin Crossley-Holland. 


The children will enjoy shared reading experiences and complete various activities surrounded by the theme of the book including writing newspaper reports. 


Also, children will explore different plots, settings and characters and learn how to adapt different styles of authors and writing to create their own stories.




In Maths, the Year 3’s will continue to focus on subtraction using a formal method to do so.  We will also be working on multiplication and division, the last two of the four operations and recalling a variety of number facts rapidly and mentally.




This half term our Geography unit will focus on Weather and Climate. The children will learn about different types of weather and the climates around the world. This unit will include a lot of map work, research and report writing.


In Art, we will be focusing on using collage and a variety of painting techniques to create a variety of artwork using storms as our inspiration.