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Welcome to 2K and 2B


We are very busy learning at school so please check back here later.


Home Learning


All home learning will now be done through Google Classroom.

Children should use their login details to access this daily.



How do I sign in to Google Classroom for the first time?

Important: You must have an active internet connection to sign in. 


1. Go to and click Go to Classroom.

2. Enter the email address (it looks something like this: and click Next.

3. Enter your password and click Next.

4. If there is a welcome message, review it and click Accept.

5. Then, click I’m A Student
6. Click Get Started.

That's it!


If you don't know your email address or password, ask the Class Teacher.


How to Upload a Photo to a Google Classroom Assignment

GoogleClassroom #GoogleAssignments #GoogleDriveHere is a one-stop shop for all of my Instructional Technology Videos:


Year 2 Curriculum - Autumn Term 2


Maths - Length followed by  multiplication & division

This term we will be focusing on:

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Money – adding and combining coins.
  • Multiplication and Division (2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables).
  • Using arrays and grouping to multiply and divide.
  • Understand the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.


To practice the above at home you can visit this website:


English - This Term our topic is ‘Fire! Fire!’

This term we will be learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be reading the story ‘The Baker’s Boy and The Great Fire of London’.

We are aiming to write a newspaper article and a diary from the perspective of an eye witness.


As always we will continue working on:

  • Using capital letters, full stops and question marks correctly.
  • Writing in the past and present tense correctly and consistently.
  • Using interesting adjectives particularly focusing on emotions.
  • Using conjunctions to extend our sentences.
  • Reading fluently and with expression.


To practice your reading, visit this website:



Science - Let it grow

Plants may grow from either seeds or bulbs. These then germinate and grow into seedlings which then continue to grow into mature plants. These mature plants may have flowers which then develop into seeds, berries, fruits etc. Seeds and bulbs need to be planted outside at particular times of year and they will germinate and grow at different rates. Some plants are better suited to growing in full sun and some grow better in partial or full shade. Plants also need different amounts of water and space to grow well and stay healthy.




We will be looking at the timeline events of The Great Fire of London, the conditions that caused the fire and changes that came about as a result of it. We will develop our skills in asking and finding answers to questions and working as a team. Year 2 will also gain an understanding of chronology.


To find out more about the Great Fire of London, you could visit your local library or have a look at the following websites:



We will be learning about the celebration of Sukkot for Jews. We will make comparisons between Sukkot and Harvest festival celebrations and suggest our own Thanksgiving ideas. We will also be learning about Buddhism and will be reading the book Prince Siddhartha and the Swan. We will focus on who Siddhartha was and the circumstances that led to him becoming Buddha and achieving enlightenment.



Art/Design & Technology     

We will be reading the book The Great Fire of London. We will be building a 3D replica of the great fire. We are going to get creative and make wooden stick pictures using tissue paper!


The children will use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination. We will also be using school iPads to research pictures and information about the fire in 1666.




Year 2 will be focusing on dance. Children will explore a variety of different dance skills and learn how to control body movements and co-ordination through games and dance routines.




This term, children will learn about bullying- through anti-bullying week, feelings and empathy.  Children are encouraged to share their feelings and to understand how others may feel.  Activities that help team-building, encourage children to build bonds and therefore, allow children to have empathy for one another.