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Reception Curriculum - Summer Term 1



This half-term the children will be placed into groups to help them catch-up with their lost learning due to lockdown. The groups will help every child to rapidly learn letters and sounds, and become confident readers and writers.


Every child will be encouraged to blend (read) and segment (write) CVC words, and then put these words into sentences. They will also be taught ‘tricky words’, which are words that can not be sound out, and which “tricky words” they are taught will be dependent on the stage they are at with phonics.  


Alongside our daily targeted phonics groups the reception environment will be filled with lots of opportunities for children to practise their reading and writing skills – from writing messages in our ‘Message Centre’ to using writing in role-play.




In Maths we will be getting to grips with counting forwards and backwards with confidence to 10, and counting on from a given number (not starting at 1).


We will be adding and subtracting, and looking at the relationship between them, to help us understand that one is the opposite of the other. To do this we will be using lots of different techniques, such as exploring number lines, counting various objects, and beginning to look at ways of recording our mathematical investigations, such as in number sentences.


We will also be looking at number bonds to 10.




In Literacy we will be looking at an increasing range of books. Our core text this half-term is ‘Cops and Robbers’ and we will look at its front and back covers and discuss their features, as well as understanding that a story has a beginning, middle and end. ‘Cops and Robbers’ is a rhyming book so we will learn about rhymes.

Through our core text of ‘Cops and Robbers’ we will ask children talk about some of the words and vocabulary in the story they may not know (such as ‘pilfer’), so we will look at age-appropriate dictionaries too.


Children will also be encouraged to begin ‘writing’ stories, and this could be with words or pictures.


We will also be continuing with learning to understand the importance of writing and what its purpose is. Children will write messages, posters, notes, cards and lots more to aid them to become confident writers.



Being Imaginative

Exploring media and materials              

The children will have lots of extra play opportunities on top of what we usually provide, where they can talk to their friends, take on roles and choose how to do things. There will be a role-play police station, as well as a ‘city’ and a ‘town’ small world.


Children will be inspired to make and create lots of weird and wonderful things, such as police badges, thumb print art, junk model buildings, and mud cakes


Children will also be encouraged to be independent with their art and design and have freedom to explore how to make and do. We provide children with a wide range of materials where they can mark-make, write, draw, paint, stick, cut, fold… to explore and create from their own imaginations.           



Understanding the world          

Understanding the world falls into three different categories:


  • Technology

In technology we will be looking at how to retrieve information from the internet, and will look up what different words mean, as well as find out about how different things work and are made.


  • World

Spring and Summer are the time for growing so that is just what we are doing! Children have already planted a variety of edible plants and flowers. This half-term we will be learning how to look after these plants by watering and weeding them. Fingers crossed for warmer weather so our strawberries get plump!


  • People and communities

As our core text this half-term is ‘Cops and Robbers’ the children will be meeting the real police! The police officers will ‘hot seat’ so the children can ask them questions about what they do and how they help us.  



Physical Development      

In physical development the children will be learning lots of new skills.

Physical development is set out into 2 categories, moving and handling and health self-care.


  • Health self-care

The children are amazing at washing their hands due to the pandemic and we want this to continue into other areas of their lives. The children will be learning about the importance of keeping fit by moving our bodies and getting our heart rate up.

They will also be urged to try new fruits and vegetables and taught about the importance of why these are vital for our health.


  • Moving and handling

 For our weekly PE session, which is on a Friday afternoon (please wear sports clothes on this day), we will be learning ball skills.                                         


Personal, social and emotional development (PSED)

PSED is individual to every child, and what they need socially or emotionally to develop in unique to them. However, on top of each child’s individual needs we will also be looking at how we can keep safe, and be linking this to our core text, ‘Cops and Robbers’.





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