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Reception Curriculum - Spring Term 2



This half-term we will be revising all of the sounds we have previously learnt in phase 2 and phase 3. We will continue to learn new and old tricky words.


Children will be learning how to use these sounds in words and create CVC and CCVC words.

We will be learning how to implement our phonics knowledge into the environment as we will continue to read and write captions and simple sentences.


We will also continue to learn lots of new sounds and focus on the end of phase 3 sounds and begin to consolidate the children's knowledge of graphemes in reading and spelling words.


To listen to the sounds, we have been learning, tune into Jolly phonics on YouTube and have lots of fun!                                          




In Maths we will be learning about mathematical language and how important this is.

Children will begin to recognise numerals up to 20, putting these into order and becoming confident with counting to 20, challenging others to beyond 20.


Children will begin to understand the concept of measurement. Children will standard and non-standard forms of measurement. They will begin to understand that this can be done through various activities such as; cooking and woodwork.


We will use our measuring skills to develop our outdoor area, by planting new flowers and measuring/weighing new mud for our nature area.          



In Literacy we will be learning about an increasing range of books. Our core text this term is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we will be discussing the key points of the story, discussing the key features of a book i.e. the cover, the blurb.


Children will learn how to act out a narrative and innovate a story. We will be learning about changing the characters and settings within a story and creating our own versions.


We will also be understanding the importance of writing and what the purpose is. Children will write instructions, we will be identifying and using signs in the environment and looking at finger spaces.


We will be reading lots more fun stories like farmer duck and Handa’s surprise J. 



Exploring media and materials              

The children will be learning how to become even more creative. We will be learning how to create an effective piece of work, using different techniques and materials. We will show children how paint brushes can create different effects.


The children will create their very own characters using junk modelling and arts and crafts.


Children will continue to get messy and create lots of fun, exciting masterpieces!.           



Understanding the world          

Understanding the world falls into three different categories:

  • Technology

In technology we will be learning how to follow instructions from the computer or learn pad. We will be teaching the children how to cook using the small cooker and how to make toast independently.


  • World

Our outside area enables us to gain lots of new skills through the mud area. This term we will be looking closely at plants and how they change throughout time.

  • People and communities

We will be learning about what farmers do and relate it back to planting/cooking. Where does our food come from? Who makes our food?     



Physical Development      

In physical development the children will be learning lots of new skills.

Physical development is set out into 2 categories, moving and handling and health self-care.


  • Health self-care

We will be learning how to keep ourselves healthy. The children will look deeper into the different foods we eat and where they come from?

  • Moving and handling

We will be learning about gross motor skills, digging, planting.


The children will be learning lots of different moves in physical education to support the development of their gross motor skills. This includes activities like tennis.                                          



Personal, social and emotional development (PSED)

In PSED this term we will be focusing on school routines.


We will have circle time with our friends to discuss how we feel and what we can remember about school. We will go through routines in school and recap them. Can the children think of anything new we may want to do or change? How do the children feel about being back at school?





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