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Pupil Premium

Seven Sisters Primary School Pupil Premium Report 2016-17

Impact Statement


The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils. This is to enable them to achieve as well as pupils who are deemed not to be disadvantaged. Schools are accountable and are required to inform all stakeholders of how this grant is being spent.


Attainment and achievement of pupils so that they make better than expected progress through:

  • Providing support to improve attendance, behaviour and links with families to remove barriers to learning

  • Provision of additional educational support to raise achievement and attainment for eligible pupils.

  • By narrowing of achievement opportunities between eligible pupils and their peers

  • Improving educational experiences of eligible pupils so as to have significant impact on their education and raise aspirations.

  • Remove barriers to learning through targeted intervention for eligible pupils.

  • Using data to identify which pupils are underachieving and why, particularly in English and Mathematics and check data

  • Frequently track that the interventions are working

  • Ensuring that teaching staff know which pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium in order that teaching and learning is directed toward accelerated progress


Analysis of the progress data shows us the following:

  • The school has 72% of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding.

  • Disadvantaged pupils are 80% compared with 43% in the Local Authority and 32% Nationally.

  • 70% of EY’s FSM pupils gained GLD compared with 54% nationally.

  • 72% of FSM pupils passed their phonics screening test compared with 69% nationally.

  • In KS1 the number of disadvantaged children reaching expected standard in reading, writing and maths was above national.

  • In KS2 the number of disadvantaged children reaching the expected standard in writing, maths and GPS was above national and the number of disadvantaged children achieving greater depth in maths and GPS was above national.

  • Progress for maths and writing of disadvantaged children in KS2 was also above national.

  • All pupil premium pupils in year 6 had access to a residential trip and all pupils throughout the school have access to an enrichment trip of their choosing at the end of the academic year. This impacted on their social and emotional wellbeing, which led to them gaining a positive attitude to learning, school and achievement.

  • The school procures the services of two fully qualified psychotherapists who provides one to one sessions with children as well as offering support to parents. This has resulted in targeted pupils showing improved efficacy in class through their enhanced wellbeing.

  • The school provides a wealth of pastoral support to both children and parents. We believe that early intervention enables children to develop resilience to cope with events in their lives and improved parental interest and involvement in their children’s education supports future educational success.