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Pastoral Team

Meet the Pastoral Team


We believe in wellbeing for everyone. Our dedicated pastoral team was created to ensure that all members of our school community could see the benefits of good mental health.


We believe that by recognising the importance of good mental health we will have a school in which all children are provided with opportunities to promote good mental health.

We believe in creating resilient young people who:

  • Seek help when they need it

  • Cope with stress effectively

  • Have good problem solving skills

  • Are able to manage their feelings and lives


At Seven Sisters we are committed to supporting children, families and the wider community in all areas of their lives.

Emma Murray, Head Teacher




Tara Welch, AHT Inclusion and Pastoral Lead


Our vision states that “We make a difference to the lives of our community and prepare our children for an ever changing world.” It is with this team of professionals that I believe we can make this statement a reality.


Children at Seven Sisters Primary School have the opportunity to experience a range of pastoral interventions with the hope that they will be able to improve their own resilience and face hardships or difficulties, they may face presently or in the future, with strength and determination.


The team work to ensure that children are emotionally secure and in a place of safety which will then allow them to access the other aspects of the curriculum that the school offers. My role within this team demands that I monitor the provision in place and support staff to identify children that need nurturing; in turn assessing the impact of this provision and planning next steps for the child.


We have a wealth of experience here at Seven Sisters and we are excited to see what the future holds for our children.


Biljana Winrow, Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner


The Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner works with a knowledge and awareness of child development and child mental health with particular awareness of issues related to attachment styles.


As a Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner, I work with the language of the child through play, creativity, imagination and self-expression. My work is grounded in the experience of the “here and now”, I work with what is presenting in each moment. My work is informed by humanistic, integrative and relational therapeutic perspectives, attachment theory, creativity and play.


The Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner role involves flexible working in complex situations liaising with inter-disciplinary teams, parents, carers, teachers and other allied health and social care professionals in multi-agency practice. The role involves advocating on behalf of children placing the rights of the child at the forefront of decision making processes. The needs of each child is identified and evaluated individually and as a wellbeing practitioner I do not diagnose and work strictly within my limits of competence. The work that I do is child centred and in accordance with the rights of the child, anti-discriminatory practice, safeguarding and child protection.


Donna Coker, Child and Family Intervention Mentor


I provide support and guidance to help pupils and families work together in order to reach their full potential. Pupils and families may be experiencing difficulties in the home and at school due to social, emotional and behavioural issues. These areas are explored with pupils and their families though 1:1 work with the child and through family interventions.


I also aim to support parents in understanding some of the non-verbal ways in which their children communicate themselves.


This enables parents to gain a greater understanding of what their child is trying to express through their behaviour. Parents are then empowered to be able to make more informed choices that benefit their child; strengthening their attachment and relationship.


Philippe Lewis, Health Mentor


I’m the EVOLVE Health Mentor and I am delivering Project HE:RO (Health Engagement: Real Outcomes) at Seven Sisters Primary. The aim is to improve the physical health, the emotional wellbeing and the cognitive development of the children in the school.


My day always starts at Breakfast Club, where I organise fun ‘Wake and Shake’ games at the gym. These help children get in the right frame of mind for their learning. During the rest of the mornings, you will find me in class rooms supporting pupils that need extra help in Maths and English. My afternoons are spent running group mentoring sessions. These are really helping children understand their emotions and make better decisions.


I am also helping deliver a ground-breaking project with My Cognition and Stronger Brains. We are trying to find out whether we can improve the cognitive development of our pupils using a new scientifically-designed programmes. This will allow our pupils to become more resilient and improve their ability to learn.


Kate Bowman, Safeguarding



I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Seven Sisters Primary School. I am the first point of contact for Family Support Workers and the Social Care team at Haringey. In my role, I attend Team Around the Family meetings, Core Group Meetings, Child Protection conferences providing a range of professionals with the pertinent information needed to support a family appropriately. Also, I support with accessing grants for furniture, admissions of new children and monitoring the wellbeing of the children.




Clare Kasapi, Early Years Extended Services Lead


Clare has a wealth of experience and was previously the Outreach worker for the under 5’s. She is a true asset to the Pastoral Team and is on hand to support our Early Years families during their first few years here at Seven Sisters Primary School. She supports our families in the following ways:

  • Home visits before, during and after children have moved from one setting to the next
  • Identification of barriers to learning and then facilitating detailed conversations with carers.
  • Referrals to outside agencies and also other internal support systems.
  • Supporting families with attendance of sessions both in the school and the centre
  • Advocate during meetings.
  • Advocate for families with outside agency’s like housing/landlords etc.
  • Helping to establish firm and consistent boundaries between parent and child.
  • Providing families with access to the school food, clothing, toy and household banks.
  • Supporting carers with visits to outside agencies like CARIS.
  • Ensuring relationships with outside agencies that can support a family, CARIS, Markfield, BESOM etc.
  • Facilitating Stay and play for families in the community.
  • Support in applying for Disability Living Allowance and carers allowance.
  • Parenting groups/sessions.
  • Being visible for carers.


Sam Keiser, SENDCo


I am the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for Seven Sisters Primary School. There are many aspects to my role including ensuring that children have the correct interventions and external outreach support to help them reach their potential.


In addition, I also run a social skills group for girls in KS2 who struggle with communication or are socially isolated. I use Alex Kelly’s “Talkabout for Children” approach, which comprises 3 strands; Body Language (focused on increasing awareness and use of non-verbal communication), Talking (focused on increasing awareness and use of conversational skills), and Assertiveness (focused on increasing awareness and use of assertiveness skills).


On receiving a referral from the class teacher, I then assess their social skills and assign to the group which meets twice weekly for 50 minute sessions. We complete various practical activities designed to develop social skills, with most basic skills being taught first (Body Language).


Ideally girls in the group complete all strands of the program from start to finish, but it is possible for girls to join in specific strands if their needs lie only in specific areas.


Syreeta McKay, Hope In Tottenham Counsellor


I have been working with children for 8 years, in a variety of settings; inner-city primary and secondary schools, grass roots charities, hospices and with traumatically bereaved children in Haiti and across London. My varied clinical experience has enabled me to develop a high-quality toolkit of ways to sensitively engage children in truly meaningful dialogue for profound personal change.


During my work at Seven Sisters Primary School, I utilise a range of therapeutic disciplines when working with children I meet the emotional/psychological needs of the children within the context of their personal qualities, interests and individual circumstances. My approach is empathic, attuned, playful and sensitive and is informed by neuroscientific research, psychoanalysis, attachment, Jungian archetypal work, humanistic and systemic psychotherapeutic theories. I am passionate about creativity and the arts and recognise the value in utilising media such as sand, art, figurines, music, puppetry and role play to enable children to express their feelings and address emotional difficulties that are having an impact on their ability to thrive emotionally, socially or academically.


Reion Raybe, Behaviour and Academic Support


As part of my role, I plan and deliver material to groups displaying challenging behaviour. This is dependent on the trends noted. For example, recently we have targeted young boys from ethnic backgrounds that are at risk of getting excluded from school, and are not achieving as expected throughout the academic year. I take the group twice a week and check in to their classes to see how they are getting on.


Within the group I teach them strategies and techniques which allow them to develop ways to deal with their emotions. The hope is that these sessions will help them see how positive interactions can influence their life and provide resilience for their future.


Alkan Otkay, Art Specialist


My role in the pastoral team is to help children express their inner feelings through a program that I call "My Drawing Story". I have adapted the title which originates from a program pioneered by Dr John Allan called 'Drawing and Talking'.


As an Art Specialist, my aim of this program is to help children to project some of their feelings into a picture or story. This enables the children to feel that they can express themselves which can lead to a recovery of their minds through a traumatic experience in either their lives or their parents lives.



Rebecca Sohail , Higher Level Teaching Assistant


I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and part of my role is to support children with regular interventions in Maths and Reading. I believe an investment of 20 minutes or so on a daily basis can change a way a young learner sees themselves. The learner can get a brief experience of what it feels like to get it to the answer first, or to be able to help another child with the answer. Children may feel more positive about intervention prior to the lesson and therefore, it may boost their self-esteem. I often intervene after lesson content has happened so that support can be given to a child that has already struggled with a concept and could, potentially, feel deflated when they miss another part of the curriculum to re-visit work they’ve already found difficult.


Alongside this the intervention I use pre-teaching to anticipate these problems and ident ify the children who may need extra support prior to the lesson.


Dwaine Ross, Higher Level Teaching Assistant


I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Seven Sisters Primary School. My role within the school is to offer extra support in phonics and maths to our pupils. These are mainly pupils within Reception and Key Stage one classes.


This extra support helps pupils to build up their confidence in areas which they may have found tricky and enables them to have a clearer understanding when accessing the curriculum. As well as offering this support, I also cover classes across the school in replacement of teachers' absences. As a result, I work closely with many class teachers in order to gain understanding of the areas in which pupils need support and also inform future teaching for the class.


Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs)


The school is currently working alongside the Tavistock and Portman to train Haringey’s first three CWPs.

The role is new to Haringey and the CWPs are supporting families with issues around anxiety and behaviour.


The Institute for the Arts and Therapy in Education (IATE)


The school has very strong links with IATE and they provide the school and staff with excellent training. Alongside this the school supports with the training of the Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioners. Students in their second and third year complete placements at Seven Sisters and work with individual or groups of children.