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Starting Reception - September 2022

If you live in Haringey and your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018  you will need to apply for a reception school place for September 2022.


Even if your child attends Nursery, you must apply as they do not automatically move on to Reception. 


The deadline to apply for a reception school place is 15 January 2022.


Click or copy and paste the links below for further information.


Haringey admission booklet:


Apply online for a place at:


Alternatively, you can email or call the number below to have a paper form posted to you.

Haringey School Admissions Service

Telephone: 020 8489 1000


Key dates for your diary


1 September 2021 Applications open
15 January 2022 Application deadline
19 April 2022  Offer day/online outcome Online applicants will receive notification of their offer in an email Paper applicants will be sent an offer letter
3 May 2022 Acceptance deadline - online applicants should accept their offer online
20 May 2022 Appeal deadline