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Notice to Parents - High Temperatures

UPDATE: The same details below will now apply for Wednesday 20th July 2022. Children finish at 12.30pm.


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will know, we are expecting unusually high temperatures next Monday and Tuesday. With this in mind we have taken the decision to change the timings of the school day in order to keep everyone safe.



School will have a soft start from 8.15am this means that you may drop your child and go.


Children should then be collected at 12.30pm. Please leave the school site immediately after collecting your children. If you have any questions please contact myself or the office.



All children will receive a lunch before they leave.



We do not expect children to wear uniform on Monday or Tuesday. Children should wear loose, light coloured clothing to keep cool and sunhats with wide brims or caps. Shoulders should be covered. No flip flops or sliders.


Please ensure your child brings water to school and tap water will be available freely throughout the day.


Please ensure your child wears sunscreen. Staff will be vigilant, as always, to the needs of our children throughout the day.



The children will remain indoors whilst at school and they will not engage in any physical activity. There will be activities on Google classroom for them to do in the afternoon. If the plans change for Monday or Tuesday we will notify you via the school app.


Yours sincerely,


Emma Murray 

Head Teacher