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Dear Parents and Carers


I’m writing to apologise for the colder than expected temperatures that greeted Seven Sisters Primary School pupils and staff on Monday 29 November 2021.


As you will know, Seven Sisters Primary is currently being refurbished to improve the learning and teaching environment for the children and teachers alike, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of the school overall.


A temporary heating system is in place at the school while we await the installation of a brand new one as part of these building improvement works.


Unfortunately, the room temperatures dropped at the school over the bitterly cold weekend just gone – partly as a result of Storm Arwen – and the temporary heating system was then unable to reheat those spaces as quickly as we would have liked in the circumstances.


We worked hard with our contractor and designers yesterday, Tuesday 30 November 2021, to make sure that this was a one-off and we have put measures in place overnight that should address the issue and will test temperatures to ensure that is the case.


We will also be monitoring temperatures in the school for the foreseeable future so as to ensure that they are at a level that is comfortable for all.


Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Yours faithfully,


Graham Sheret,


Project Manager.