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Guidance Note for Using Zoom to View Performance

All participants of a Zoom performance should read the following guidelines set out below.


Video and Audio

  • Test your video and audio before a meeting at
  • Unless otherwise permitted by the host (Head Teacher) participants camera/video should be turned OFF
  • Audio should be turned ON.
  • Participants should MUTE their microphones throughout virtual performances.
  • If you can, connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable for a higher quality connection.  Otherwise, ensure you have serviceable Wi-Fi to maintain a good connection.


Performance Etiquette

  • Be on time for scheduled performances so they can progress without interruptions.
  • Remain professional and respectful of all other participants.  
  • Check your microphone remains MUTED.
  • Limit distractions on devices such as running background apps, notifications and incoming calls.
  • Scheduled performances are for the purposes of supporting children and parents/carers being able to enjoy this event. 
  • Please refrain from discussions/chat of a personal nature.
  • Check your video remains OFF.


Thank you.