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Do your bit so children breathe clean air

We had a visit from the Commercial Environmental Health Department, as part of National No Idling Day. They were here to raise awareness of the damage that leaving your car idling does to the environment and to the air that our children breathe.


As a school we strive for our children to have clean air to breathe and as such we have been part of the cleaner air initiative. This initiative has enabled us to have maps to show you walking routes to school instead of driving all the way.  Please pick one up from the front office.


The team who monitored on Wednesday 4th October 2017 were very concerned about the number of parents leaving their engines running, the amount of illegal parking and speeding around our school.


Due to their concerns, they will now be sending officers to school in the coming weeks and will be giving out fines.


Please be considerate when dropping off and collecting your child from school.


Thank you.