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COVID-19 Important Notice 7

Dear Parents & Carers,


It has been a difficult few weeks with bubble closures and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being so understanding. This is a challenging time and our anxiety around our children is at an all-time high, so I appreciate your support.


I would however like to point out that if a bubble is closed, that does not mean that your child’s education doesn’t continue. We have worked hard to ensure that all children in Years 1-6 have access to Google Classroom and when they log on they have access to their teacher and work. They will however need an adult to ensure that they are completing their work. We have noticed a number of children haven’t accessed it and will now be behind with their work.


In the same way that you have a responsibility to ensure that your child is in school, if your child is not in school due to a bubble closure, you have a duty to ensure they are accessing the online learning. I appreciate that a few families may not have the equipment needed but please speak to a member of staff as we do have a few laptops that can be lent out.


Also, if your child is sent home with symptoms, you must ensure that they get a test. This will, in most cases be negative and your child will be able to come back to school along with any siblings who are also having to self isolate with minimum disruption to their education. A number of parents have said that they will just keep their child off for the 10 or 14 days. This impacts the child’s attendance, could be marked as unauthorised and would result in them having to be referred to the Education Welfare Officer. Please think carefully about getting a test.


Once you do get the negative test result, you will need to show a member of staff before your child or children can return to school Finally, as part of our risk assessment we have to keep windows and/or doors open to allow a continuous flow of air. The weather this week has turned chilly so please ensure your child has plenty of layers on so that they don’t feel the cold.


Thank you.


Emma Murray

Head Teacher