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Curriculum - Summer term 2


Maths - Measurement (Mass, capacity and temperature) and Consolidation

This term, we will be learning measurements in relation to mass, temperature and capacity, and understanding specific mathematical terminology in relation to this.

We will also be consolidating some of the past topics we have learnt and also revisit time.In addition to this we will spend more time doing arithmetic with pupils.




This term in English, we will be focusing on the topic let it grow.

Our book of focus is Maximus and the Beanstalk. We will read to build up our fluency and confidence. We will also spend time reading and discussing both unfamiliar words and favourite words and phrases.


In writing, we will be focusing on writing instructions. We will write instructions for growing plants which will be linked to our Science curriculum for this half term. We will also learn about persuasive writing techniques and create posters to tackle Deforestation.


In Spellings and Grammar, we will be adding suffixes to spell longer words including –ment, -ness, -ful, -less, -ly




This term in Science we will be learning about plants.


We will be learning about different types of plants and what is needed for them to grow and stay healthy. Also we will learn new vocabulary relating to the various parts of the plants and its growth cycle. 


In addition to this we will also give the opportunity for pupils to observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.


Plants may grow from either seeds or bulbs. These then germinate and grow into seedlings which then continue to grow into mature plants. These mature plants may have flowers which then develop into seeds, berries, fruits etc. Seeds and bulbs need to be planted outside at particular times of year and they will germinate and grow at different rates. Some plants are better suited to growing in full sun and some grow better in partial or full shade. Plants also need different amounts of water and space to grow well and stay healthy.




This topic explores how to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. It explores ways to maintain wellbeing and prevent illness, how to develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle and the consequences and effects of different habits and choices. It encourages the development of positive self-worth and recognition, what might affect or influence unhealthy ways of thinking, and how to overcome this.


We will also be exploring how people grow and change from babies, through puberty to adulthood and examine ways in which children have grown and how they will continue to change, and how to develop resilience.    




This term in P.E we will be focusing on athletics.

We will discuss the importance of athletics and how it supports the body to stay healthy and strong.  


Throughout the term we will learn different athletics activities.  We will discover the strength, speed and co-ordination that we gain during athletics and how we can transfer this to other physical sporting activities.




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