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Curriculum - Summer term 1


This half-term we will be looking at weight and mass for the first time. Children will compare different weights using non-standard forms of measurement and will solve mathematical problems using scales and different objects. Children will then move onto capacity and

volume where they will again use non-standard forms of measurement to compare and solve a variety of problems.


During this half-term we will also look at multiplication and division, carrying on from where we left off counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will make objects into equal groups and then share these groups

and use arrays to help us see the patterns in number. Fractions come next and children will learn what is a whole, and how to halve and quarter objects and numbers.




Our core text this half term is called ‘Man on the Moon’.


We will be writing an information text about Neil Armstrong. We will be finding out information using different sources and collating this into an information text. Also we will be writing a biography about Neil Armstrong looking at his background and why he is famous. Lastly, we will be creating postcards.


These are some of the key sills we will be teaching in writing:

  • Using a capital letter to start a sentence.
  • Forming our letters correctly.
  • Writing on the line.
  • Finger spaces.
  • Full stops.
  • Joining words and clauses with ‘and’ and ‘because’
  • Using bullet points.
  • Using time conjunctions.


In Reading Pupils will be taught to:

  • apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words
  • read aloud accurately books that are consistent with their developing phonic knowledge and that do not require them to use other strategies to work out words
  • re-read these books to build up their fluency and confidence in word reading
  • talk about and answer questions about what they have read
  • recognise tricky or ‘common exception words’


To practise English skills, visit this website: English: Age 5–6 (Year 1) | Oxford Owl


Please practise handwriting with your child. If you need any guidance or resources speak to the class teacher who will be happy to help you.


We also expect you to read with your child at home. Please then sign their reading record as confirmation. Reading with your child is the most important homework you can do!




This term we will be looking at the Earth and the moon.


We will be focusing on naming the planets in order, learning about the solar system and creating paper-mache planets.




Our focus in Geography this half-term is ‘our local area’.


Children will be able to:

  • Locate places/landmarks on a map describing the location of places accurately.
  • Use a variety of maps and recognise key features of maps.
  • Use compass directions, locational/directional language to describe locations.
  • Use a growing range of map symbols in a key.
  • Observe a variety of photographs to identify geographical features.
  • Use fieldwork skills confidently to make a range of observations in the local area.
  • Recognise housing types and where they are located.
  • Plan a route giving detailed reasons for choice and plan alternative routes.
  • Use a range of subject specific vocabulary confidently.
  • Ask a range of geographical questions.
  • Express own views on the environment and give reasoned explanations for improvements.
  • Recognise how people can affect the environment.
  • Use a range of presentation skills and lead a group activity.      




This half-terms focus is on Digital Writing.    





This half-term we will compare significant people in history, namely Christopher Columbus

and Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to set foot on the moon!




This term our focus is Multi-skills and Games.  

Our day for PE is Friday. Please ensure your child wears an appropriate PE kit to school on this day (black tracksuit bottoms and plain white t-shirt).



Art/Design & Technology   

This term in Art we will be practicing print making.


We will be stamping objects into plasticine and using an ink pad to show the design.



Relationships & Health Education/PSHE

This term in RHE we will be looking at healthy bodies and healthy minds.


We will be focusing on the different body parts we have, as well as using the correct terminology for our private areas.


Also, we will learn about how to look after our bodies and our minds.   




In RE we will be focusing on Eid.


We will look at the Muslim faith and discuss how people celebrate Eid.  




This half-term our topic is 'Your Imagination'.  


Children will continue to listen and find the pulse in music, as well as find the rhythm, pitch and tempo.        





Click here to find home learning resources and useful websites to support the curriculum.