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Welcome to 6M and 6S


Dear Families of our Year 6 children,


This last year in our school for your children is an important time as they build on all their previous learning and develop their skills. We need your support at home to ensure we meet the high aspirations we all have for them.


The first term is filled with lots of cross curricular learning, with the focus being on Over the Line by Tom Palmer, a story about World War I. The children will be reading the book each week, basing any writing genres on this book, as well as topic, art and computing related activities.


Each week, we also have focus areas in our subjects: maths will focus on place value and number; English will look at balanced arguments, story writing and letter writing; reading will focus on the key skills; and grammar will focus on modal verbs, tense, formal writing, commas and complex sentences.


To ensure that you are aware of what work your child should be doing outside of the school day, below is an outline.


  • English will be linked with our reading and writing, as well as other curriculum areas where possible.
  • Children should read every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. If they find this difficult, try making a family reading time where everyone in the house reads their books.
  • The spellings for the week are listed in your child's Weekly Planner. Spelling tests happen every Friday.
  • Homework is handed out every Thursday and is expected to be handed in by the following Tuesday, leaving plenty of time to seek help if they do not understand the task.
  • Maths homework will be based on the area being studied that week. They will be given a particular task to complete in their maths CGP books.
  • All children have an account for Mathletics, an online maths revision tool. They should access this regularly.
  • Children are expected to practise times tables and number facts every day
  • Each day, use the word of the day given, to discuss with your family—What it means, what your family think it means. Can you start to use this word in sentences? Watch the news or read a newspaper with family, discuss what’s happening in Tottenham, London, England? Which of these affect you?


Please talk with your child every day about what work they should be doing at home and help them to find time and space to complete it.


If you need to discuss anything regarding homework, please arrange to speak to your child's class teacher.


Thank you for your continuing support


Year 6 Team