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Year 4 | 4L and 4N

Welcome to 4L and 4N


This term in maths we will be reviewing and extending our knowledge of the four core operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as applying our knowledge of the number system to different contexts.

We will also be investigating fractions, measurement and statistics.


At home, to aid your child in their learning, frequent short recaps of all the multiplication facts will greatly help them secure their understanding.




Our focus in English this term is information texts, such as balanced arguments and persuasive writing.  We will also be investigating poetry both written and performed.


To help your child at home, review weekly spelling tests.  Discuss and encourage your child to use more ambitious vocabulary within their explanations.


We will be studying sound this term including pitch, volume and timbre. Encouraging children to use scientific vocabulary when describing sound will help them progress along their learning journey!