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Year 4 | 4L and 4N

Welcome to 4L and 4N


This term in Maths we will be revisiting shape and statistics. During our shape unit, we will be looking at comparing and classifying different geometric shapes. We will be focusing on quadrilaterals and triangles, learning about what makes each shape unique. We will also identify different lines of symmetry in a various 2d shapes.


During statistics, we will be interpreting and presenting both discrete and continuous data and representing different information in the form of bar charts, pictograms and line graphs.




In Geography (Topic), we will be learning about different natural disasters. We will focus on earthquakes and tsunamis, describing and understanding what they are, how they are created and the damage they cause.





‘Still life’ will be our focus in Art this term. The children will explore the different techniques used to create a still life picture. They will develop a perceptive awareness of tone, texture shape and proportion finishing by creating their very own still life picture!