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This term in English we have been reading The Lost Thing. It is a humorous story about a boy who discovers a bizarre-looking creature while out collecting bottle-tops at a beach. Having guessed that it is lost, he tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs, but the problem is met with indifference by everyone else, who barely notice it's presence.


We have been composing our own missing posters, informal letters and innovating our own stories inspired by this book and topical issues that are raised and paralleled with it.




This half term in Maths, we have been covering shape and geometry. We have been learning about different types of angles and classifying them as acute, obtuse and right angles. We have been learning how to measure angles accurately and draw angles using a specific equipment such as protractors.


We have been investigating shape families such as quadrilaterals and triangles. We have classified them according to their properties, learning what makes each shape unique.





In Topic this term we are learning about animals including humans. We have learnt to recognise key human organs and their functions. We are learning about the digestive system and the organs that compile it. We have learnt about different types of teeth and their functions and the importance of caring for them properly.


We also will be learning about food chains and using subject specific vocabulary such as predator, prey, consumer and provider.