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This half term we will be reading the novel Varjak Paw by SF Said. We will be doing various reading and writing activities around the book such as investigating the features of newspapers, learning about the style in which they are written as well as writing our own newspaper reports about a strange incident inspired by the text.


We will also be investigating persuasive arguments and writing a letter to Hollywood to convince studios why turning the novel into a motion picture is beneficial to everyone.




This half term in maths we are investigating position and direction including co-ordinates, plotting and reading grid references as well as translations of shapes within a quadrant.


We will begin revising past learning and we are focusing on multiplication methods and techniques along with fractions. We will be revisiting key skills such as identifying fractions, calculating fractions and comparing and ordering fractions.




In Topic this half term, our History topic is Crime and punishment. We will investigate the different methods of punishments that were administered through key points in history. We will also learn about the different crimes that were punishable throughout the different ages.


In science we will be learning about electricity. We will learn about what makes a circuit, the different symbols used when drawing diagrams of circuits and how and why electricity flows.