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This half term we will be reading the story Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. We will be doing various reading and writing activities around the book such as mapping out the main events of the story and making changes to innovate the story to bring it into a modern setting. We will then rewrite it as our own creation.  We will also be writing poetry around the theme of natural disasters as well as creating playscripts.






This half term in maths we are investigating money and investigating the different denominations, how to add and subtract amounts of money as well as calculating change from different given purchase. We will also complete a mini investigation to find the cheapest way to hold a pizza party! We will also be revising different methods of addition and subtraction, both written and mental as well as investigating a question and using statistics to answer it.




In Topic this half term, our geography topic is extreme Earth. We will be learning about the different layers that make up the planet and how this relates to the natural disasters of our planet. We will be looking at the different natural disasters that can occur and what causes them and how to best stay safe if they should be encountered.

In science we will be conducting an experiment to answer a question. We will be designing our own testing procedures, recording results and plotting data to help us find a definitive answer to the proposed question.