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Welcome to 3R and 3T


As it is the beginning of the year, we have been getting to know one another and learning about our cultural differences. We are teaching the children how to be proud of who they are and how their differences make them unique!


Check out some of their great work below!



In English this term, the Year 3s will be learning about ancient myths and legends. They will extensively research and explore Greek and Ancient Egyptian mythology and eventually be able to create and write their own! Later on in the term we will visit non-chronical reports and poetry.







In Maths, the Year 3s will focus on place value with 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers, addition and subtraction. We will concentrate on adding and subtracting mentally, using place value strategies, as well as using number lines. We will focus on reading and writing numbers to 1000.







In topic, all areas of learning will be cross-curricular to our learning in English of Ancient Egyptians and Greek mythology. In science, the year 3s will explore animals, as well as humans. We will learn about skeletons and muscles; their functions and purpose.