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Welcome to 3L and 3R


Welcome to Year 3! Miss Lartey and Miss Rutigliano are excited to share this term’s learning with you!




This term, the Year 3s will be reading the chapter book, Wolf Brothers by Michelle Paver.  The children will step back in time to the Stone Age and experience the day in the life of a boy who loses his father in a time where resources were scarce.  The book is related to their Topic and with all they learn, the children will then write a non-chronological report.  The second half of the term, the children will use this knowledge of the Stone Age to write a persuasive text to convince people, whether it was better to live in the Stone Age or in the present day.




This term, the Year 3s will focus their learning on time and geometry. By the end of the term, the children will be expected to know how to tell the time on a digital and analogue clock to the minute. In geometry, the children will explore shapes, angles within shapes and how angles make turns.  The children will also learn about lines; parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical.




In topic, our main focus is on the Stone Age, which relates to our core text in English, Wolf Brother. The children will go back in time and explore the history of the Stone Age.  The children will learn how people lived back then; what they wore, what they ate, where they lived, how they survived and so on.  They will then be given the opportunity to compare the past to the present and present this in a verbal and written debate.