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Year 3 | 3L and 3R

Welcome to 3L and 3R


This term our English focus will be on play scripts, using the brilliant core text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  The children will explore the world of actors and actresses by studying the importance and key features of play scripts.  Once the term is over, children will be able to perform parts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also be able to write their very own play scripts.




This term, in Maths, the year 3s will be learning about time, money, shapes and perimeters.  Children will be able to tell the time to the nearest minute, add and subtract amounts of money, as well as making the same amount using different coins and notes and calculate the perimeters of different shapes.






Our Topic this term is chocolate!  Yummy!  The children will explore the history of chocolate, learn how it is made, design their own chocolate bars and write adverts to persuade people to buy them!  We will also make and try our own tasty hot cocoa!