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Year 3 | 3L and 3R

Welcome to 3L and 3R


This term in English, we will be focussing on the book,

The Paper Bag Princess, written by Robert Munsch.

Children will explore different character and settings

and learn how to enhance their writing through different

writing techniques, such as persuasive writing.

Later on in the term, the children will focus on poetry;

learning a poem and reciting one in front of an audience,

as well as learning how to write their own. To finish off the term, the Year 3s will learn about non-fiction text, its features and how to write their own which will be linked to our Geography topic of weather.



This term in Maths, we will be focusing on fractions, shapes and measurement. Children will begin by identifying fractions in a variety of shapes as well as comparing and ordering them on a number line. The children will also be finding equivalent fractions, as well as adding and subtracting them. Year 3’s will also be measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting different lengths (m/cm/mm), masses (kg/g) and volume/capacity (l/ml).

(Alongside this, please do remember to keep testing your child daily with their times tables)



This term, our main Topic is rocks. Year 3 will be comparing and grouping a variety of rocks based on their physical appearances. We will also be conducting some experiments looking at the permeability of rocks as well as what can be found in soil. Fossils will also be covered in this unit and the children will be learning about how they are formed. Finally, the children will be learning about volcanoes, where they can be found, how they are made and what happens when they erupt.