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Welcome to 3L and 3R



This term for English we are focussing on the book, Storm written by Kevin Crossley-Holland. The children will enjoy shared and independent reading experiences and do various activities surrounded by the theme of the book.


Children will explore different plots, settings and characters and learn how to adapt different styles of authors and writing to create their own stories.




In Maths, the Year 3s will focus on place value with 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers, addition and subtraction. Our main focus is to get children secure in using a number line, as well as learning the column methods of addition and subtraction.



In Topic, we will be researching light and shadows, which relates to our text Storm. Children will experiment with dark, different lightening and how shadows are actually made.


Later on in the term, the Year 3s will be conducting comparisons between our local geography and the geography of other countries, such as Sudan and Egypt. Encourage your child to research different countries and compare them to the U.K.