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Welcome to 1D


Welcome to the last term of Year 1!


We have our phonics test in the second week of term so keep reading at home! Even when it is done we will still be focussing a lot on reading to make sure all the children are ready for Year 2.


In English we are looking at a story called Dogger. It is about a boy who loses his favourite toy and we will be learning it off by heart with actions so we can retell it very well before we change the story to talk about our own favourite toy.

We will also be learning lots of poems.



In Maths we will learn how to make different sorts of turns which we will also try in PE as jumps. Then we will be revising everything we have learned in Year 1.



In the afternoons we will do lots of art activities and using the laptops to improve fine motor skills and allow the children to be creative. We also have to carry on watering our tomato plants to make sure they survive until September so we can eat the tomatoes when the children start Year 2!