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Year 1 | 1B and 1P

Welcome to 1B and 1P


This week, we are focusing on ‘ou’ ‘ie’ ‘ea’ and ‘ue’. Here are some words to practise with your child. They should be able to read and write these words using their phonetic knowledge.










This term our topic is ‘Frozen’. We will be studying the four seasons and focusing on the changes and how this effects the environment around us. We will also be exploring weather changes and the weather in different parts of the world.



This term our core text is ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.



Using these books, we will be:

  • describing the characters

  • role playing and

  • writing fact files about the south pole, various weather and animals that live in different climates.






This term we will be focusing on:

fractions, measurement and continuing securing number bonds up to 20 and linking this to number bonds of 100.

E.g. if 3 + 7 = 10 this means 30 + ____ = 100.



  • recognise, find and name half and quarter of shapes and quantities

  • recognise, find and name half as one part of two equal parts

  • recognise, find and name quarter as one part of four equal parts

  • to compare and describe length and height

  • to compare and describe weight

  • to know and use various unit of measurement e.g. cm, m, g, kg

  • begin to solve practical problems using length, height and weight




We are focusing on our Geography topic ‘Weather’ and our Science topic ‘Seasons’. This is where we explore various parts of the world, places that are hot and those that are cold. The focus will be on the South Pole as our core text is based on a journey to the South Pole. We discuss the seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom and how this effects the length of day.

As always we will also be working on:

  • using finger spaces between words and writing clearly

  • reading fluently using sounds to read unfamiliar words and,

  • understanding what is being read.


Home reading books should be brought into school every day and signed at least once a week.


Please remember PE kits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.