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Year 1 | 1B and 1P

Welcome to 1B and 1P


This term our topic is ‘Time Machine’. We will be learning about the life of a significant individual in the past, Neil Armstrong and why he is famous. Linking this to Science, we will also take this opportunity to explore planets in our solar system.



This term our core text is ‘Man on the moon’ by Simon Bartram.


Using this book, (along with others), we will be:

  • writing an information text on planets

  • creating a biography

  • writing postcards from space





This term we will be focusing on:                                Place value up to 50


  • finding one more one less than a number up to 50

  • compare objects within 50

  • compare and order numbers within 50



Multiplication and Division




  • making equal groups by sharing and grouping

  • using arrays to multiply




We are focusing on our History topic ‘Significant Individual from the past, Neil Armstrong’ and linking it to the Science topic ‘space’. This is where we learn about the life of a significant figure from the past who has been influential. The focus will be on the Neil Armstrong and our core text is based on Bob an astronaut who works on the moon.


As always we will also be working on:


  • using finger spaces between words and writing clearly

  • using capital letters and full stops correctly.

  • reading fluently using sounds to read unfamiliar words

  • reading tricky words without hesitation

  • understanding what is being read.


Home reading books should be brought into school every day and signed at least once a week.


Library books need to be brought in only on Thursdays.


Please remember PE kits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.