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Year 1 | 1B and 1P

Welcome to 1B and 1P


This term our topic is ‘Once upon a time…...’ and we are linking this to materials.




This term we will be working on familiar traditional stories including, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Little Pig and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.




Using these books, we will be:

  • writing captions and labels

  • sequencing stories

  • role playing and,

  • describing characters using adjectives.





This term we will be focusing on:

  • counting and recognising numbers up to 100

  • following patterns and sequencing numbers and,

  • securing number bonds up to 10




We are focusing on our Science topic ‘Everyday Materials’. This is where we talking about various household objects and what they are made of. We talk about the texture of it and how we can identify what materials they are made of. Using our core texts ‘Three Little Pigs’ we will be discussing the materials the Pigs used for their houses.