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Year 1 | 1B and 1P

Welcome to 1B and 1P


This term our topic is ‘It’s a Toy Story!”  We will be exploring and learning about old toys from the past and new (modern) toys that we play with today. Linking this to Art and DT, we will also take this opportunity to design and create our own puppets.




This term our core text is ‘Lost in a Toy Museum’.  


Using this book, (along with others), we will be:

  • writing character and setting descriptions using adjectives (i.e furry, frightened)
  • creating and writing our own stories.





This term we will be focusing on:


Place Value


  • to find the place value of each digit in a number (i.e 233)
  • to know what ‘partitioning’ means



Solving missing number problems


               9+___ = 16


  • to use the part-part whole method when solving missing number problems
  • to also know how to use a number line when solving missing numbers problems




We are focusing on our History topic ‘Old and New Toys’. This is where we learn and compare the differences between toys from the past and toys that we play with today. We will have the opportunity to play and explore various toys/games and make and record our observations. We will also be making our own Victorian toys! Since our focus is on toys, our core text is based on toys that went missing in a toy museum.


As always we will also be working on:  

  • using finger spaces between words and writing clearly
  • using capital letters and full stops correctly
  • reading fluently using sounds to read unfamiliar words
  • reading tricky words without hesitation  
  • understanding what is being read
  • and ensuring we write neatly on the line.


Home reading books should be brought into school every day and signed at least once a week (please sign this more frequently if you can).


Library books need to be brought into school only on Thursdays.


Please remember PE kits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.