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This term in English we will be looking at non-fiction information texts.



The children will learn about the different key features of a non-fiction text, like heading, sub-heading, contents page, glossary, index, labels, pictures, paragraphs, captions and facts. Children will learn how these features help us find information.




In Maths, we have revisited adding and subtracting ones and twos from any number, using a hundred square and number line to help us check our answers. We looked at patterns when adding ones and tens using a hundred grid as well. We will continue to work on using the number line and hundred grid as a tool to add and subtract as well as, investigating patterns/sequences when adding or subtracting. We have begun using vocabulary to describe area and position (in front, in between, next to, left, right, under/underneath, beneath, on top, etc.), and will progress to looking at measures (such as time).


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