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This half term we will be reading and learning about colour, just in time for Spring, when the flowers are blossoming.

We will also be learning lots of different songs and rhymes.

Our theme this term is:

‘Show your true colours


The stories we are going to be reading are:






The songs and rhymes we will be singing are:


  • One, two, buckle my shoe

  • Six little chicks

  • Five little peas in a peapod pressed


Now that the weather is beginning to change and Spring has arrived, the children are learning about different colours in the environment, the life cycle of a flower and how they are blossoming.

During a trip to the park or on their walk to school, ask your child to explore the different flowers around them. Can they tell you:

  • what shapes they can see?
  • what colours they can see?

  • what size flowers they can see?

  • how many flowers can they see?


Ask your children how flowers grow and why it is important NOT to pick them.

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